Rent To Own Home Benefits for Seller

Both buyer and sellers have advantages and disadvantages of rent to own home contracts. Know both benefits and risks of rent to own home agreements.

Rent To Own Homes Benefits for Seller :

Higher sales price : Rent to own home contract can be the potential for a higher sales price

Earn income on your property : Using this type of contracts you can earn income on a property

Get rent on time : In Rent to own home agreement every time the buyer must pay home rent on time without any delay.

Long term rental agreement : In rent to own contract can be placed on a one to five year lease with a purchase option.

Higher Rent : In this type of contracts you can demand for a higher rent payment than usual rent.

Non-refundable option deposit : In this type contracts, the buyer has to pay the non-refundable option fee. If the buyer fails to buy the home, the non-refundable money remains with the seller.

Property safety : Actually the buyer have an expectation to later purchase the property from you, that's why take better care of the home that usual renter

No need a real estate agent: Seller need to pay expensive real estate fees when selling their home with an agent. But in a rent to own transaction, You don’t always need a real estate agent. So you can save real estate fee.