Rent To Own Home Risks For Seller

Rent to own home is not a efficient way bother for buyers and sellers to buy or sell the home. But rent to own home contract is an alternative for both buyers and sellers in an unsteady market. This  type of contract is profitable for the sellers than buyers. However the sellers also have some potential problems.

Some of Disadvantages with Rent to own home for Seller :

By signing a rent to own agreement now, the buyer locks in a purchase price. Some times home prices might rise quickly than you expected.

The buyer has the potential to opt out of buying the home at the end of the contract. If the buyer don't buy the home, you again find another buyer or renter and start whole the process again.

Home prices might fall. If it happens, your renter does not buy home. It will be hard for you to find right buyers in a tough market. So seller may miss out on a higher profit.

You can't buy a next home either with with option fee or rent payments.